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Big 12 Needs to Make A Statement Boot CO, Neb

A few months ago college football as we know it was on about to be changed forever.  The way of the 10 and 12 team conferences was about to be traded for "super conferences" with 16-18 teams.  The Big-12 was going to disappear and for whatever reasons, fear, greed, etc teams started to jump ship.  Nebraska and Colorado bolted for the Big-10 and PAC-10 respectively.  The sheep were lining up then it happened, the good old boys got together and saved the day.  Thank you Big-12 and perhaps the Texas Legislature.

Several conferences have much to gain from the disappearance of the Big 12, especially the PAC-10 and Big-10, historic but subpar conferences because it made certain that they would be around forever.  In my opinion this was a substantial loss of tradition and to the detriment to college football. 

The Big-12 needs to get rid of Nebraska and Colorado as quickly as possible.  Colorado is flip-flopping about leaving in 2011 or 2012 the Big-12 should make it easy making sure they are out after this year.  It doesn't matter if their conferences are ready for them or not or if the Big-12 has new teams ready to come in.  The point has to be made that loyalty is rewarded and those who only look out for themselves are punished.  Colorado and Nebraska have made their beds and now it's time for them to lay in them, even if they have to spend a year in a hotel waiting for their new house to be built.

So so long, see you later, good luck and good riddance. But mostly good riddance.

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Duds and Sleepers for Week 1

Here's my take on the one dud and sleeper for this weeks games based on the Sportsline average rankings.  This is to help you if you have a tweener at a position but I would start any of my sleepers over my dud's if it was my team.  Of course without knowing your team this can only be a guideline but I'll take any specific scenarios if you want to throw them at me.  Why listen to me? My success of making the playoffs every year and my championships speaks for itself.

Sleeper - Matt Ryan - Although the Steelers have a great defense, it is better against the run then the pass.  The Steelers QB situation should allow the Falcons plenty of offensive opporunities.  The Falcons will have trouble on the ground but will make up for it with success by air. Expect Ryan to start his breakout season with 250+ and 2 TD's, which puts him in the top 7 versus the sportsline consensus.


Carson Palmer - T.O. appears and combined with Chad and all of a sudden they are going to have one of the best WR tandems in the NFL?  Don't think so.  I think NE will dominate on defense and contain Benson and the reality show duo.  Palmer has a rough outing in his first game with a couple of turnovers and maybe 1 TD. 


Sleeper -  Marion Barber - While Romo may have a tough time passing against the Redskins, Marion Barber's tough hard rushing style will  produce some big plays.  Even with a RBBC he's still the #1 RB and will still get the goal line carries.  Look for Barber to post 60+ yards and 1-2 TD's putting him at 12 + points for the week.  This puts Barber in the top 11 and possibly better versus the consensus.

Duds - Jamaal Charles - Loved this guy last year as he lead me to the Super Bowl but as talented as he is expect him to be as inconsistant as Michael Turner this year.  With a matchup against the tough SD D, I see JC getting completely shut down.  Less then 10 points this week dropping JC outside of the top 20.


Sleeper- Malcom Floyd - Maybe the no brainer of the week.  With Rivers going against a week KC team and Malcom Floyd and the Chargers looking to prove they don't need Vincent Jackson expect Floyd to have a huge week.  100 yards and a TD puts Floyd in the top 5 this week.

Dud - Ocho Cinco - Sportsline has him ranked 11, but I wouldn't expect to see much this week as OC stays out of the endzone.


Sleeper - Brent Celek - Look for Kolb's safety valve to have a strong game with 50 + yards and at least 1 TD he's a top 5 play this week versus the SL averages.  I'm expecting 12 or more points this week.

Dud - Chris Cooley - I'm not expecting much from the Redskins offense this year and especially not this game.  Running a 2 TE set with a great target in Fred Davis I expect Cooley to be up and down a lot this year but mostly down.  No TD's and not many yards.

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Cowbells here today,gone forever thx to dumb fans

The SEC's decision to allow Mississippi State to bring in cowbells at "appropriate times" was a great attempt to allow a team to have show their individualism and tradition.  Unfortunately Mississippi State fans are going to blow it by returning the favor with a blatant disregard of the rules set by the SEC.  Those simple rules as defined by the SEC allow the cowbells to be used at appropriate times, which are:

"pregame, halftime, between quarters, timeouts, after scores and during possession changes"

The audio and video shows that the cowbells have been ringing the entire game or at least the entire time Auburn was on offense.  So you can go ahead and ring up the first fine for MSU $5,000.  Next home game will be $25,000, then $50,000.  The fine is capped at $50k.  After each game the visiting team will be surveyed to see if they felt the cowbells were used inappropriately. Next year the SEC will re-evaluate the policy and when MSU is deemed to have been in out of compliance they will ban the cowbells forever.  I can guarantee you the cowbells will not see another year in Starkville, MS. 

I love college traditions like the cowbell at Mississippi State and it will be a shame to see them go but they SHOULD and Mississippi State fans will only have themselves to blame.

I'm trying to figure out if Mississippi State fans don't care about the rules, are trying to use the bells for an advantage, are just plain stupid or all three.  Either way you slice it if you need an artificial noise maker to get home field advantage then you are just weak.  Yell and scream your lungs out like every other team and keep your tradition.  But if you are so dumb as to waive your cowbells in the face of Mike Slive and the SEC then expect the penalties to be severe.  Next year not only will the SEC ban cowbells they will also reinstate the rule that will allow the referee's to throw penalties on MSU for use of the outlawed cowbells.  Ultimately this will cause a crackdown on the cowbells at the gates and a hurting on the tradition.  Don't believe me? Wait til next year and we'll see but don't say I didn't warn you.

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Pick like a champion with 1-4

Having one of the first 4 picks makes things so easy off the jump but it is a long wait to get pick so you had better make it right.  You know you're taking a RB with the first pick right? Conventional wisdom is taking a RB, no way you should take a QB right?  Right!

Easy CJ, AP, MJD, or Ray.

The hard part comes when you wrap around for 2 crucial picks at 20 and 21.  First decision is do you want to take a QB here or not.  If you don't you've got to wait til your 6th pick and take Flacco.  That opens up taking a1. RB (grant) and WR(Fitzgerald,) or 2. going safe with QB(Schaub) and WR (Fitzgerald)

picks 4,5 (40,41) - route 1 gives you two WR picks (Steve Smith Car, Hines Ward, Wes Welker) route 2 shore up RB Forte, WR Smith, Ward, Welker)

picks 67 (60,61) - route 1 TE Gonzales, QB Flacco or route 2 TE Gonzales,

After 7 picks option 1 yields (Flacco, AP, Grant, Fitzgerald, Ward, Welker, Gonzales)
                  option 2 (Schaub, AP, Forte, Fitzgerald, Welker, Ward, Gonzales)

I personally like the safe route of option 2.  From here you can still take spend the next 7 rounds drafting picking cherries.  At the 80th pick and beyond I would expect that you've still potentially got Hakeem Nicks, CJ Spiller, Malcom Floyd, Matt Ryan, Favre, Rothliberger, Ricky Williams, Maclin, LT, Thomas Jones, Celek. Lee Evans, Donald Brown.  and the handcuffs for your top RB pick either Javon Ringer or Toby Gerhardt.

Although I always advocate taking a D late this team is so strong and so deep after 7 rounds I could justify using the 8th pick to go ahead a and take a top D.  With the Jets on top of this team and and a stable of RB's on the bench this team could be really tough to beat...

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Late Round FFL Bargains WR, TE, D,

Since I deleted this by accident here it is again.  Doh..;.

As noted before these are based on 10 yards = 1 point and a TD equals 6 points.  My rounds are 10 team drafts but you can still do the math to work out a 12 team.

Hakeem Nicks, currently averaging a ridiculous 75th and he’s one of the top 15-20 WR’s in the league.  Since he’s going 48 -106 grab him 7th  or later. But don’t let him go by in the 8th.

Percy Harvin, currently averaging 70th but has slipped into the 100’s.  As the #1 WR for at least 6 weeks and maybe more depending on Rice’s recovery, he’s a definite #1 WRuntil Rice returns If you can grab him in the 7th or later he's a no brainer.

Malcom Floyd, currently averaging 90th .  The guy is #1 for 3 weeks and it looks like Jackson may sit out the season or be traded.  With Jackson playing Floyd is still good for 600 yards, without Jackson he’s going to get 1,000 and 6-8+ TD’s.  He is a 6’5” beast after all.  With him going between 62-136 I would say any opportunity to grab him in the 9th or later is a pick well spent.

Derrick Mason – 101, between 65-141 Derrick Mason is in for a big year, the beneficiary of Boldin and a pass happy offense.  Plus he is very consistent. 

Lee Evans -  Try to explain why he’s averaging 126, going between 87-164.  The guys good for 6TD’s and 800 yards, does that make him a 11th or 12th round pick? Apparently so in this world but If he’s there in the 11th I’d hop on him.

Eddie Royal – Avg 96 On paper a real flyer but he can catch and he can score.  I don’t think Jabbar Gaffney is going to be the go to guy in Denver this year and they desperately need a WR that can haul in the TD passes and obviously get yards.  Going anywhere between 92-182 gives a lot of room but I’m loving this guy in the 12th round or later.  Depending on who else is there I might let him go to the 13th.


With a 10 or 12 team league and the need for only 1 TE it’s hard to call a real sleeper but I think you can wait here to stock up on other positions and still grab a quality TE.  But let’s look deep.

Tony G is the 7th picked TE and he’s averaging the 60th spot and then it drops to 91 with Cooley.  So we’ll start there and look at who a 10th rounder or later would be.

Shiancoe- avg 101, 61-152.  Favre will continue to depend on Shiancoe and AP’s fumbling just gives more reason for Favre to want to throw the ball inside the 5.  Without the tall target of Sidney Rice for a while Shiancoe should clean up.

Owen Daniel avg 100 seems too easy, Id take him after Shiancoe but no reason he won’t be as successful as last year, especially with Schaub potentially even getting better.

Heath Miller avg 132.  Going between 75-169 makes him an easy target in the 13th or 14th rounds right before your kicker and D or if you’ve already got one of those pick up the most undervalued, ignored TE in FFL below

Fred Davis might as well be Pluto, yeah I know it’s not even considered a planet anymore so you get my point.  Cooley is back and he’s a stud and will rightfully get a ton of attention but in case you missed it Fred Davis is a stud.  He’ll be sitting there as your wrapping up your draft.  McNabb loves the TE’s, especially big targets and Fred will be in the 2 TE set trying to help the Skins suspect line.  I’m betting he’ll emerge this year and when your looking at TE’S next year he’ll be in the top 10.


Just for folks who actually want to wait until the end of the draft instead of reaching I’ll throw a few in.

San Diego.  135. Between 82-176.  Take em 15th> .  Merriman back, Sproles always a return threat.

Patriots – 142.  Between 92-188. 15th no explosive ST but have potential to be a better D

Redskins – 155  between 99-214.  Depending on how the roster works out they may have some special teams ability but as much as I hate them I gotta say they could have a sick D.  Players seem excited about the 3-4 they’ve got the talent I just wonder how tired they will be if the offense is bad.  McNabb already may be out the first game..

 Kickers Don’t even think I need to go here but if you’re struggling late then here’s your guy.

Jeff Reed -

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Draft like a champion with picks 5-8

Fantasy Draft - A guide to picking a Super Bowl Team. 

To build a Super Bowl team your entire draft strategy should be based on where your first pick falls. This can differ a little bit year to year.  In my opinion this year it's 1-4, 5-8, and 9-10 or 12.  If you don't have the right strategy for your draft spot you're either going to end up reaching and wasting picks or waiting to long and ending up with sub par starters.  Run your pick strategy from rounds 1-9 from there it's pretty much all about getting smart/value reserves.  

I'd like to know how this works out for you.

This is a guide to the 5 to 8th pick in this years Draft.

I feel like I can rely on the top 4 RB's to play 16 and post solid numbers with consistency.  Then I see 3 QB's that fall under the same description.  That sets the stage for my guide below. 

5, 6, 7, 8  QB Rodgers – Consistent as it gets, only 1 game with less then 20 FFL points last year.  Sacked 51 times, with an improved line I expect less sacks and better numbers.  A big plus is he’s mobile.

                                                  If he’s not available I’d go with Peyton, then Brees. I know Brees is a stud I just go with consistency.

Round 2

  16, 17, 18, 19     WR Roddy White, - Consistent double digit scorer last year, in his prime and his team and QB are only getting better.

  If he’s gone there’s bound to be Wayne, Fitzgerald, Colston, Johnson.  – If I had Rodgers I go Wayne if Manning I’d go Fitzgerald.

Round 3

25,26, 27, 28 . WR/RB    Very tempting to go WR here with Calvin Johnson, Brandon Marshall, and other studs left here and you’ll have some sellers remorse because you’ll watch them all get soaked up before your number comes back up. But I like RB here for mainly because you get a young consistent guy with a good O-line.  if Mendenhall or Grant are available go ahead and lock in your RB.  Shonne Green or Addai are viable options here.

Round 4

36, 37, 38, 39 WR/RB  I’m looking right for Anquan Boldin.  Lock him in here and your looking really nice. If Boldin is not available you’ve got to consider best on the board.  You could have your pick of TE’s, or a maybe a tweener at RB. 

Round 5

45, 46, 47, 48   This is a tough pick.  You probably can’t get Gates here, so it’s a tough call between RB or WR.  You could probably bypass Ward and Floyd here and get them in the next round and grab Forte or Jahvid Best to get your 2nd RB spot filled. 

Round 6

56, 57, 58, 59 Depending on your last pick you need to grab you 3rd WR or 2nd RB.  I’d take Ward here and scoop your TE in the 7th .

AT this point you need to do some evaluating.   Check the roster grid of the guys on either side of you.  This should help you decide if you should grab a WR/TE/RB based on their need….

If you look like this (Rodgers, Mendenhall, Forte,   White, Boldin, Ward) It’s time to scoop your TE and run the table on the last 10 picks with 4 RB’s, 1 WR,   2 TE’s, 1 QB, 1D, 1k – Time to look at your value picks here too.  WR's  Lee Evans, Hakeem Nicks, Percy Harvin. RB’s Ricky Williams, Thomas Jones, LT, Donald Brown, TE's Gonzo, Celek, Finley. QB Flacco.  There's deeper bargains listed below.

Round 7

65, 66, 67, 68 Get your TE here as long as you’re not reaching, you should have Tony Gonzales, Brent Celek, or Finley available.  Otherwise get your backup QB no brainer if Flacco is here but since he’s probably gone Matt Ryan, Kolb,   Rothlisberger, Favre in that order.

Round 8

76, 77, 78, 79 Cross of a guy of the list from round 7 and repeat, If you took a QB you’re done at there. Don’t be afraid to take another TE if the other of Tony Gonzales, Brent Celek if not available Williams, Jones, or Matt Ryan, Kolb, Favre, Rothlisberger.

Round 9

You should have grabbed your second TE or QB in round 8 so pick up the other one here, although If Donald Brown or Arinan Foster is here I’d probably take them. 

Round 10

By now you’ve got your core team of 2 QB’s, 2 RB’s, 3 WR’s, 2 TE’s.  Now just start filling up RB’s and grab one more value WR in rounds 10, 11, 12, 13, and 14 then finish with your D and kicker.

Ricky Williams

Thomas Jones

Javon Ringer

Toby Gerhardt

Donald Brown

Lee Evans

Eddie Royal

Derrick Mason

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Mid - Late Round FFL Bargains part 1 QB's & RB's

There are a lot of bargains slipping through the cracks in this years FFL drafts.  I particpated in mock drafts on all different sites and already had my several of my leagues drafts this year.  These were all 10 team leagues, RB/WR 1 for 10 yards and QB's 1 /25 with 6 for TD's.

Here's what I've seen.

QB's - This year has seen a massive early run on QB's.  If you don't draft Rodgers, Brees, or Manning in the first round you probably won't see them.  In fact they may be gone as early as the 8th pick.  Schaub and Brady will be gone in the second Romo, Rivers may make the 3rd round but certainly won't make the 4th.

So, if you're the owner looking for that mid draft starting QB bargain you still have at least one great option.  By far my favorite is Joe Flacco in the 5th or 6th round.  He will post his best numbers by far this year thanks to Boldin, 3,600-3,800 yards and 28-30 TD's seem very realistic.

There are a few other QB's I really like late. While any of these guys could have a standout season on their own I'd feel more comfortable with 2 of the 3.  But any combination of Matt Ryan, Kevin Kolb, Brett Favre. based on their weekly matchup should do quite well for you.

Matt Ryan could end up becoming a top QB in the NFL, this year could be the breakout year with 3,500+ yards and 25+ TD's.

Kolb's a wildcard but we already know he can put up the numbers. He hasn't played a full season but he's no rookie.  McNabb posted 3,500 and and 22 TD's in 14 games, Kolb can certainly post 3,600 and 25 TD's over 16. I know it's a stretch now but in a year or two he could rise to be the next Aaron Rodgers.

As much as I dislike Favre he's still going to go out and bomb 300 yard games and throw a couple TD's.  He'll have double the INT's he had last year but who cares his numbers should be good enough to overcome a pick a game.  I really do think this will be his last year and he won't see all 16 games for the first time in his career.


I absolutely love the options all the bargains at RB this year.  I know the common thinking on RB's, but more and more every year RBBC is changing that.  Regardless of your strategy you need depth.  With 3 or more of these guys on your bench you're ready during that bye week or when that injury happens.
#1 sleeper is Matt Forte. Great pick in the 5th but an absolute steal in the 6th or later.. He's a dual threat coming off a horrible year, thanks in part to his horrible QB.  I know Forte isn't a TD machine but he's consistent and if he can get 1,600 yards from scrimmage and throw in 8 or more TD's he's going to average 10 points a game with some bigger weeks thrown in.

#2 CJ Spiller - How often can you get a starting RB in the 7th round?  This guy is the real deal, a true burner and playmaker.  He will make an impact this year.

3 Arian Foster - The only other option as a starting RB, I've seen him go as late as the 9th round, he's the starter at Houston you have to grab him here.

The Rest
Ricky Williams - 8th or later.  Even if Ronnie Brown can make it through the whole season, which I doubt he will, Williams can still score some points. If Ronnie goes down then Williams has a real chance to score some points.  1,300 yards and 11 TD's last year there's no reason he can't repeat that.

There are some older but proven RB's sitting behind young unproven starters.  Look no further then the Jets and the Chiefs.  The Jets ran the ball over 600 times last year an amazing number.  2/3 of those carries are not longer there and LT is there to fill a big part of that void.  Everyone is hot on Jamaal Charles this year and another solid RB has been forgotten.  While TJ doesn't have the O-line he did last year 1,400 yards and 14 TD's shows he's got something.  Draft LT in the 9th round and TJ in the 11th and you'll have another starter before the end of the season, in the meantime you'll have a RB who can contribute in a pinch.

Donald Brown, the best of all the handcuffs.  He can run he can catch and he can fill in perfectly for Addai if he's hurt  Addai's already had some trouble staying healthy and his concussion doesn't help.  If he ends up starting you've got a quality back on one of the most proflific offenses in the NFL

WR's and TE's to come...

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